Horse Life 98 is an absurd series of comics featuring a girl named Yuki in an universe consisting entirely of herself and her imagination. And an off-screen voice who claims to be her creator. Hijinks ensue and weird things happen.

The comic was started in December of 2019 by a very bored person named J. P. Savard, of Québec City, Canada. It was originally meant to be one of those comics where nothing changes at all except dialogue, made with Microsoft Chat 2.5 on Windows 98 with Pony Town assets. 13 episodes were made this way, until J. P. eventually got bored working with such old software and copyrightily dubious assets, so after a short hiatus and no answer from an inquiry to the Pony Town staff about whether it was fine to use their assets commercially (which are as far as I know under a CC BY-NC licence), it was remade into a standard 4-koma using the most recent versions of Adobe Illustrator and MikuMikuDance, using assets from VRoid and later Kisekae J. P. is pretty sure they can use commercially now. As a result, the characters are now human, and this was explained in-universe by Yuki smoking some weird weed. (Real life cannabis may vary, please smoke responsibly.)

As for Yuki herself, she was created around 2012 as a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic original character themed around snow. She then slowly evolved through various sessions of roleplay and Dungeons & Dragons until we got the crazy girl we have today.

In all, this comic is meant to be very experimental, and to be rather quick to produce. The style might change again in the future, who knows? But you’ll still always get the same absurd comedy you get by visiting this page.


Q: So the title is still Horse Life 98?

Yeah. There’s no horse and no 98 anymore since Yuki had some weed in episode 13, but I decided to keep it for the absurdity of it. The domain name also doesn’t mention the title to add to the absurdity.

Q: It’s ugly

I know. Also it’s not a question.

For real, I’m pretty slow at doing things so I’m using existing character creators, minimal original drawings and there’s no background so I can focus on writing jokes. Maybe one day I’ll partner with an actual artist and turn this into an actual manga with actual backgrounds that actually looks good.

Q: What software do you use?

Episodes 0-12: Microsoft Chat 2.5, The GIMP, Pony Town
Episode 13: Adobe After Effects, VRoid Mobile, MikuMikuDance, some clip of Snoop Dogg and some stock background with the stock logo still on
Episodes 14-24, 29: Adobe Illustrator 2020, VRoid Mobile, MikuMikuDance
Episodes 25-now: Adobe Illustrator 2020, Kisekae

Should give you the tools to make comics similar to mine, but I’d advise for reading the next paragraph.

Q: Can I repost your work?

Yeah, feel free to make memes with that if you want but be sure to attribute the work whenever you use comic strips or my characters. If you want a licence for the strips, let’s say Creative Commons 4.0 BY-NC-SA. Pony Town assets used in the early episodes are themselves copyrighted by the artists at Pony Town under CC 4.0 BY-NC-SA, and Microsoft Chat backgrounds are copyrighted by Microsoft Corporation. Later assets from episode 14 onwards are either mine or okay to use commercially if they’re not mine. (You see that’s the point I realized I should make sure of it xD) Anyway, if in doubt, feel free to ask 🙂

Q: Can I send you fanart?

Yes! I’m going to feature them in a blog post once in a while, so send them in 🙂

Here’s some guidelines (most of those are just common sense):

  • Open to everyone, you’re under no obligation to participate, and if you want financial compensation we can work this out
  • Send your art on anywhere you can find to contact me (some links in the sidebar, Facebook and Twitter are the best), with the name you want to show up as, your URL where people can find you, and a short comment (optional)
  • You agree your submissions can (but not necessarily will) be posted on this blog and my social media, properly credited
  • Nothing illegal, gory or that could get me in trouble
  • NSFW stuff is allowed (unless it goes into the above), but I want to keep this site somewhat PG-13 so they won’t get posted here on the site unless you provide a suitable SFW version
  • You can find some refs on this site, if you’re not sure of a detail, you can either ask or get creative 🙂
  • These rules are not exhaustive, can change anytime and probably aren’t legally binding, again if you’re not sure please ask
  • If you’re still reading please mention walruses

Q: There’s ads?

Yes, they’re provided by Comicad Network, which is a pretty swell ad network for webcomics. They’re very harmless and not annoying and will mostly link to similar comics, so you probably don’t want to block them. (As far as I know µBlock Origin does not block them, which is a good thing?)

Q: Is this comic LGBTQ+-approved?

Yuki is canonically a lesbian trans girl. Her author also wants to keep their gender ambiguous online and uses he, she, or they pronouns at your choice. I don’t really want to focus the comic on gender and sexuality, though, although there’s a few strips that mentions it.