• 14 Feb 2024
  • Translations: français
  • Season: Season 6
  • Characters: Yuki, Tsuki
  • Locations: The Void


we’re so back y’all it’s unbelievable

also, new character??? wack

  • 24 Dec 2021

Happy birthday

Fun fact: December 23 marks Yuki’s birthday, in Horse Life 98 canon.

The previous incarnation of this comic was a Tumblr ask blog I made on December 23, 2012, back when ask blogs and Tumblr were popular. I never really answered any questions, but I posted a lot of art of Yuki made mostly by other people, since back then I couldn’t be bothered to draw anything at all. And I still kind of can’t, but at least I’m getting better at it.

23 décembre is also a popular Christmas classic by Beau Dommage, look it up on YouTube. This might or might not be a coincidence.

Anyway. Production of Episode 57 is underway and it’s just as ambitious as episode 56, if not more. Lots of art and programming. It’s gonna be fun. Stay tuned, and happy holidays!

  • 28 Oct 2021

Season 5

Well, welcome to Season 5 of this exciting comic that is Horse Life 98. I worked probably 2, 3 months on it, and that’s only the first part. To be fair, I started with Part 2 first, and I completely wrote it before coming up with a Part 1, and trust me, this makes way more sense. And while I was at it, figured I should redo the website from scratch as well and implement some sweet subpage system instead of trying to coerce WordPress into what I want with mitigated results… You like it? I feel this, from Season 5 onwards, is going to be a huge step up from before, as I decided to take my time drawing the comic and stick to my usual style rather than finding shortcuts and copypaste assets so a comic would take 5 minutes to produce on top of a rushed idea. Which kinda worked well for motivation, but only for a time… But I guess this is going to allow me to explore more ways to tell a story with animations and stuff like that, try and experiment things. I love where it’s going and I hope you’ll love it as well.

So yeah. Enjoy some animated Yuki drifting into space on music by fusoxide (thanks a lot for that, fuso!) on what is possibly a love letter to one of, if not my favourite TV show from my childhood, Dans une galaxie près de chez vous. (For the fans out there, this is why it was released on that particular day, with that particular music and that particular text ;)) The next few comics will be similarly ambitious and feature more pop culture references, so stay tuned!

Next comic when? I have honestly no idea. But you’ll know if you check my socials.


I’m taking a break. Again. Yeah, I only managed to last 8 strips this time, but eh. Life’s been hard these days, and while it made me draw more, which is a good thing, especially with season 4 of HL98 which is the first one I didn’t use a character creator, as I made everything from scratch, I didn’t really had time for deadlines so… yeah, I’m just going back to posting whenever, I guess.

I’m gonna use this time to work on other projects, or maybe to improve on the Horse Life 98 universe, who knows… Anyway, expect some cool stuff for season 5, maybe character arcs? Better art style? New characters? Who knows?

Anyway. I’m just doing this for fun. And my friends say it’s cute. No worries here. I’ll be back. Eventually.

guess who's back

Well. We’re back with new comics every Tuesday in a brand new style, I guess.

Also I started posting the comics on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Patreon, the latter of which you can pay $1 a month on there to see said comics before everyone else! I never bothered to do this before as I used to always finish the week’s comic on Mondays 11:58pm, like 2 minutes before it goes live on the site but nowadays I end up finishing it on Thursday or Friday instead so yeah, that might be worth it…

Also $3 lets you get spoilers for another project of mine, $5 lets you get a shoutout on the website, and I might draw you for $10! Might add other perks, but that’ll do for now.

Anyway. Have fun, I guess. All the links are in the sidebar!

I failed

Horse Life 98 Paneltober is going for a small break. Don’t worry, I’m going to pick it off from where I left shortly. Have a good day :)


Start the story from here!

Hey guess what? It’s October, and you know what this means? ONE PANEL EVERYDAY.

You probably know this meme where artists draw one drawing a day from a prompt list, and it’s called, uh, somethingtober? Yeah, let’s do the same thing this month. Paneltober. One panel a day, with a story to follow. Gonna be epic.

Unfortunately, the guy who made up the whatevertober meme was apparently accused for some nasty stuff like stealing someone else’s stuff to capitalize on his brand, so it’s best to avoid the official list, but none of the alternate lists were appealing to me, so eh. Let’s use the official list anyway. And give absolutely no credit whatsoever and put mine in its place, so it’s stealing. I think. Kinda hard to steal something that is free to use by everyone else.

It’s mine now.

Forgive me God for I have sinned. Happy paneltober.

  • 16 Aug 2020


I managed to add a fanart gallery, so if you send fanart I’ll put it up there? I kinda hacked the WordPress theme so it works and won’t show up in the main comic archive, and it might break each time I update it, so eh, have fun. I already put most of the fanart of the Human Yuki era there, hope you like them, and be sure to support the artists!

Hey, while we’re at it, let’s do a fanart contest, or a draw it in your style challenge, whatever you want to call it. I have a lot of artists in my friends, and it’s my birthday soon, so why not? Take this Yuki, draw her in your style, get creative and you might get featured here! Perfect if you don’t know what do draw and you find Yuki attractive :)

I also added a FAQ section in the about page with a bunch of guidelines for said contest, so check it out!

schedule changes

The comic moves to the “every Tuesday” schedule now, I guess. Had a pretty crazy weekend, so yeah. Might be better this way. Expect a new comic tomorrow, Tuesday.

Also, new URL? Yeah, why not.

Yuki is moe.

Enough said.

chapter 3

New chapter, new redesign. Or is it the other way around? Anyway, it’s still the comic you know and love.

This comic always been about experimentation, using character creators as much as possible (along with my own drawings and photography when possible, to spice it up a bit). The first few comics used Pony Town characters in Microsoft Chat 2.5, then after a small hiatus my workflow upgraded to Adobe Illustrator and MikuMikuDance, after I experimented a bit with VRoid and the like. Then, last week, one reader told me my drawing of Yuki in the last panel kind of reminded them of Kisekae, which is another 2D character creator (which has quite a lot of NSFW options, btw), so I tried it and… Yeah, it’s way better than anything else I tried before. And as mom’s computer is the only thing in the house that could run MMD correctly (I definitely should upgrade my crap computer once I have some money for it), Kisekae it is. One thing is that there’s no way for 3/4 poses and such, so she’ll always face the camera, but this should allow for way more pose possibilities.

So yeah, I hope you enjoy :)

wtf is a schedule

This week’s comic is gonna be late. Yeah, I know, I’m trying to stick to a “every Monday” schedule, but now I guess we’re back to the “post whenever I want” schedule. My workflow stopped working correctly (Windows’s a bitch I hate it), plus I just got a new, proper office job getting in the way (except I’m still working at home due to the pandemic thing), so it’s gonna mess everything up.

So yeah, expect a comic eventually, don’t know when, and when you get it, please pretend it’s still June 2020. Until then, follow my Twitter and other social media to get some updates and other stupid comedic one-liners.

Edit: we did it? Posted before pride month finishes, at least in my time zone. Cool.