• 24 Dec 2021

Happy birthday

Fun fact: December 23 marks Yuki’s birthday, in Horse Life 98 canon.

The previous incarnation of this comic was a Tumblr ask blog I made on December 23, 2012, back when ask blogs and Tumblr were popular. I never really answered any questions, but I posted a lot of art of Yuki made mostly by other people, since back then I couldn’t be bothered to draw anything at all. And I still kind of can’t, but at least I’m getting better at it.

23 décembre is also a popular Christmas classic by Beau Dommage, look it up on YouTube. This might or might not be a coincidence.

Anyway. Production of Episode 57 is underway and it’s just as ambitious as episode 56, if not more. Lots of art and programming. It’s gonna be fun. Stay tuned, and happy holidays!