episode 29: otakuthon

they said no

this comic takes place and was made around episode 20 back when she applied to a panel at Otakuthon a while ago, hence the old 3D model, but unfortunately she's been refused

I was hoping to use it as a panel announcement if it was accepted, or reuse it later for another convention otherwise, but it’s still kinda funny and there's a joke specific to this one convention so I’m still putting it up here as this week’s comic no matter what

so, this week, for your eyes only, a comic only the Otakuthon staff have seen back in June

so uh, I’m still probably gonna go as a visitor so if you see a Yuki at Otakuthon this weekend please say hi if you can I dunno how it’s gonna work in this virtual world thing

One thought on “episode 29: otakuthon

  1. When I was little, I wanted to be a cartoon character when I grew up. … I didn’t think I’d be any good for anything else. 🙁

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