reboot (part 1)

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Yuki what are you even doing in space you’re gonna die

oh wait

Happy St-Bernard-Legault y’all :)


  • Intro text originally from Dans une galaxie près de chez vous (1999-2002)
  • Music by fusoxide, based on the theme from Dans une galaxie près de chez vous
  • Space and satellite images from Google Earth

new website

This comic was previously hosted in a separate category on my normal blog where I talk about random stuff not related with this at all, and I was bored of the default theme not adapted for a webcomic, so here it is. I moved everything to a new website. That is adapted to webcomics. With proper back and next buttons.

There’s still a few bugs and kinks here and there as I write this, and the design could be improved, but eh, it should still be way better than it was before.

Anyway. Have fun.